community service

Flood relief fundraiser, May 2016

In mid-May of 2016, the southwest of Sri Lanka was hit by torrential rains, resulting in landslides and floods that left thousands displaced and unable to return to their homes. These were the worst rains in half a decade. Building Bridges organized an emergency fundraiser, collecting over 3500 USD to provide 112 stationery packs for students of St. John’s Maha Vidyalaya in Mattakkuliya, and 400 pairs of shoes for students at Rajasinghe Madya Maha Vidyalaya in Kotikawatte. Our fundraising page contains further details.

Post-war rehabilitation programming, 2010-2012

Prior to creating arts programming for the children of Chiraddikulam and Kakkaiyankulam, Nushelle de Silva worked for volunteer group Citizens Initiative to assist with livelihoods workshops and materials, as well as providing solar lighting. She also received several summer grants (Princeton Class of 1978 Foundation summer grant, Davis Projects for Peace Award, Princeton ReachOut 56-81-06 Building Bridges Grant) to assist in rebuilding a community centre and designing a children’s playground at Chiraddikulam. Further details on these projects can be found here.