visual arts

St. John’s Maha Vidyalaya, Mattakkuliya, Colombo District
January-May 2017

Our recently concluded intensive 12-session series, led by Irfadha Muzammil with Amalini De Sayrah and Firi Rahman. The first few workshops were devoted to introducing participants to methods of creating in 2D and 3D. Students engaged in activities to explore their identity and relationship to their environment (e.g. imaginative collages/masks, diaries, mapping their neighbourhood), and worked on activities that encourage understanding (e.g. creative interviews, portrait-gifts). They responded collaboratively to solve small creative challenges (e.g. drawing strategies for survival on a ‘desert island’, creating and performing micro-skits) and finally performed a more in-depth study of their community and their dreams for it, producing a publicly visible creative response.

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Illuppaikkadavai, Mannar District
15 October 2016
Irfadha Muzammil and Amalini De Sayrah led a short weekend workshop for 25 Muslim and Tamil middle-school students at the invitation of Nadeesh Jayasinghe of OPEnE Hub. The blog is available here.

Pothubowila, Kurunegala District
May 2016
Irfadha Muzammil, assisted by Amalini De Sayrah, Priskila Arul, Sauri and Maduka, led a weekend workshop series at the invitation of Saluka Kotagama of the Music Project. Six workshops were provided for a total of 120 Sinhala and Tamil students from schools. The blog is available here.